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By Mrs. Debbie Selengut

You’ve got to be joking…..


So the other day, one of my daughters called at a time of day that she usually doesn’t, and asked, “Ma, why did you send out a post about Pesach and sleep and why with the Irgun Shiurei Torah logo….?”


So I checked, and sure enough, that’s what happened.  I emailed my wonderful web developer, and she told me that she was testing out a few new features on the website ( and accidentally sent it.

So after I got over the embarrassment, or at least some of it, I started getting a lot of really appreciative responses.

Like: “How did you know that you sent exactly the message I needed to hear, at exactly the right time!”

Or,  “I actually was in a really bad mood, and your post was like a lightbulb, I just needed sleep, I woke up a whole different person.”

Or, “My husband said ‘Why don’t you listen to Mrs. Selengut and go take a nap, things will look much different in an hour.’” 

Just goes to show us that everything that happens, even what looks like a mistake, is Hashgaha pratis.  

Mrs. Debbie Selengut