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By Mrs. Debbie Selengut

Vacation Reality Check

At some point, I think we all realize, (or should realize), that the “big” vacation that we feel we need, is often not going to happen. For many reasons.  It’s often impossible to get away for an extended period of time because of family obligations, too expensive, so many arrangements it just isn’t worth it, can’t take off that time from work etc.…

But I really need a break! 

Do something.

Anything. Even if it’s small, and really not what you had in mind.

Take off a morning, take a coffee and a good book and go to a beautiful park, or the ocean, turn off your phone, and try to relax. 

It might just be a few hours, but it really does reboot me.  If we can build this into our lives, maybe once a month, then we look forward to it, know that it is coming, and often can pull us through a hard spell.  

Mrs. Debbie Selengut