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By Mrs. Debbie Selengut

Rosh Chodesh Adar

Dear Kallas, עמו”ש

א גוטן חודש!!

I know that Rosh Chodesh has passed, and there are times, that this letter has come out because of technology problems, but this month I have nothing to blame but my own lateness,

Thank you so much for your feedback and for your suggestions of topics, א”ה  I will get to many of them.

This month, it’s about my thoughts and hopes.

We have a big month ahead of us, each of us in our own ways.

Adar is a month of שמחה, a month of paying extra attention to השגחה פרטית in our lives, and a month of הכרת הטוב to  הקב”ה  for all He has done for us.

In our family, א”ה, it’s all this , plus more, We will have the זכות  to walk our youngest child to the Chuppah.

As she takes her place next to her wonderful Chosson, parents are filled with gratitude, hope for the future, and I’ll be honest, a tinge (or more) of missing them.

We daven each day ונהיה אנחנו וצאצאינו וצאצאי צאצאינו כלנו יודעי שמך….

We daven for the future, for our future!

When I have the opportunity to daven with the 4th or 5th graders, I enjoy pointing out to them, that each day they daven, they are davening to be Bubbies! They are davening for their children, and their children’s’ children.

We as אידין believe and know that our תפילות and our actions extend way past our lifetimes.

I once heard a shiur from Rebbetzen Kalmanovitch, on the topic of what to daven for on the day of our children’s chasunas, and she mentioned that when a parent walks a child to the chuppa, 10 generations accompany them.

That was an incredibly impactful thought for me.

My grandparents came from Europe my Bubby from Brisk. My mother was the only one of her siblings to remain frum, and raise a beautiful family of Torahdik children.

When we walked down to the chuppa, accompanying our oldest child, I felt my Zaidies and Bubbies ע”ה  at my side, and their parents, and their parents, and that infused me with gratitude, pride, and confidence that they were proud of me.

Going forward, we daven for what is to come.

Know that we are a link in an eternal chain.  A beautiful chain. You are part of a long and beautiful past, and you are a beautiful connector to א”ה  what will be a beautiful future.

Wishing you (and me!) a month of Simcha!



Mrs. Debbie Selengut