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By Mrs. Debbie Selengut


Vacation Reality Check

At some point, I think we all realize, (or should realize), that the “big” vacation that we feel we need, is often not going to happen. For many reasons.  It's often impossible to get away for an extended period of time because of family obligations, too expensive, so...

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You’ve got to be joking…..

  So the other day, one of my daughters called at a time of day that she usually doesn’t, and asked, “Ma, why did you send out a post about Pesach and sleep and why with the Irgun Shiurei Torah logo….?” No… So I checked, and sure enough, that’s what happened.  I...

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Sleep, the answer to (most) everything

  I know that I should not complain about this, and I should just be thankful, but my Pesach order was just delivered to my house and I had an adult version of a meltdown.  Box after box (ב"ה)  of food, chicken, meat, fish, vegetables. I really am so grateful....

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